It started with one design.

A couple of years ago, I hired a local artist trained in marketing and branding (see below) to make a logo for me. She had a little budget left over and we decided to have her make me an oil bottle design that I could use in my oils business. The design she came up with was bold, fun, and makes me smile every time I see it.

I've since hired her to create the additional designs you will see in our products. Over time I've had a number of oil lovers reach out and ask me where I got my oil magnets and stickers from. And so Fun Oil Stuff was born! I take my designer's hand drawn, custom oil designs to create fun swag items that anyone can use in their oil business. (Of course oil customers love our stuff too!)

About Joyce

I’ve been a leader in the essential oil industry for many years and I know that creating connection with my customers and oil friends is a critical part of my role as a leader.

But this wasn't something that came naturally to me.

In 2019, after breaking my leg and getting in a car accident, I came back to my business determined to do something different.

I slowly began to shift my approach to social media, follow up, and organization. Throughout this process I have created the tools you see here on this site to help me bring a spirit of fun and positivity into my connections with my team and customers.

While I am still implementing these strategies throughout my team, I feel good about how I work my business now. And I'm happy to share these things with you.

These designs create connection.

Meet the Artist

Chelsie Tamms is the lettering artist and designer behind Lettering Works, LLC - a Chicago-based, modern brand design studio that specializes in customized designs to help passions and communities shine. She also has her own line of art products which are sold in local gift shops around Peoria and Chicago, including Wrigleyville Sports and The Field Museum, as well as online at