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Quizzes Program

For Social Fox Users

Connecting with prospects can be a challenge - but quizzes make it easy! Grab this done for you program complete with Oils Prospecting Quiz, Oils Refresher Quiz, landing pages, automations, email drip sequence, and more. We drop it all into your account along with access to a mini-course to activate your quizzes and start using them.


Streamline Your Biz with Quizzes

Staying organized can be a challenge - quizzes make it easy! Grab our mini-course to receive 3 done-for-you quizzes (Google forms) to use for working with new customers, Oils refreshers for existing customers, and tracking host rewards/parties. PLUS we give you two amazing followup email templates that you can send back to your customers within minutes of receiving their responses. Quizzes make staying organized a snap!


Grow Your Team with Facebook Parties

2020 was hard on all of us in the doTERRA community. Many of the ways we work with our customers were cut off. Facebook parties became a HUGE new avenue for our team. Our team placed 14th place in Diamond Club last spring. After many requests, my leaders, Christina Norris and Christy Taylor, and I put together what we do into this mini-course.


Gain Clarity with Streak

One of the biggest challenges we face in our Oils business is keeping track of our prospects, customers, party hosts, their info, the last time we talked to them, what we've sent to them, what we've talked about before.... the list goes on and on.

Imagine knowing exactly who you need to contact each month, being able to review their history with you (what oils they started with, their family members' names, their health goals, how you met them, and more), and then quickly create follow up tasks after you are done.


What to Say


Not knowing what to say is one of the biggest reasons we aren't following up with our prospects & customers. It's one of the things mentioned most, when I asked what the biggest struggles in your business is.

What DO we say in the wide variety of situations we find ourselves in? The What to Say Library is here to help. More than just a list of scripts - this Library provides real training and guidance to help you feel confident in any situation. The best part?? You can access this Library right from your phone using the Kajabi App! Find yourself in a situation and wondering what to say?? Grab your phone and quickly review :)

Are you ready?? Jump in with us!


Create Connection with Customers

Do you have folks on your oils team you have not talked to in years? Wondering how to connect with them or what to say? Grab our Create Connection Mini-Course. We will share a fun easy way to connect with those customers and track your work over time!