Fun Oil Stuff for Everybody

Whether looking to score some goodies for yourself or for your oils community - we've got you covered.

Roller Labels

Our Roller Labels are perfect for using your favorite oils on the go!

Spanish Designs

Some of our favorite designs & products, now in Spanish!

Spray Blends

Repurpose those 15mL bottles with our Spray Blend Labels.


Sending a note? These postcards are the perfect touch!

Digital Designs

Grab one of our digital downloads for instant access.


Add our stickers wherever you want a fun design!


Remember to use oils daily with our fun, bold magnets.

Sticker Sheets

Make every package special with our stickers

Travel Pouches

Keep your roller blends organized with our pouches.

We are more than just cute oils stuff.

Make Using Oils Fun

Our products are all designed to help you and your customers use and enjoy essential oils. Which means the things we use need to be simple and FUN! Our products make it easy.

Online Trainings

Half of the battle is knowing what to do and what to say. We need a plan! Our mini-courses give you the tools to stay organized and know what to do so you can just go do it.

Community & Support

There is so much power in community. Being around other people who are doing similar activities is so important. Our Working Group is the perfect place to bounce ideas, ask questions, and hang with other people who are going for it too.

Heather Ioerger

"I have never had a sticker sheet with such amazing quality. The labels and stickers all look beyond adorable on the roller bottles and are a perfect gift to give people that are new to oils. Thank you!!!"

Amanda Caldon

"I am loving my new labels from Fun Oil Stuff. The texture of these labels is amazing. Sooo soft and great quality. I’ve been making rollers for 5 years now, these labels are some of the best I’ve seen. Can’t wait to get more!"

Kalyn Matthews

"Joyce has the customer support ideas and strategy I lack. Now that I’ve found her, I can relax, implement her brilliant systems, and enjoy doing customer care more. She makes everything fun!"

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