All The Tools & Programs You Need To Automate Your Business

Looking for ways to get organized, create more ease & flow, and/or automate your business??

Here are some of the tools & programs that we use regularly:

Automated Postcard Services

Mailbox Power

This program prints and mails physical postcards & gifts for you!

  • Use tags to send postcards to specific customers and/or legs on your team.

  • Set up automations to send out birthday or anniversary postcards

  • Design postcards yourself or use our templates

  • Two price points - pay as you go (for smaller teams) or unlimited postcards each month (for larger teams)

  • Customize the signatory on postcards so that you can send postcards for your downline leaders as well.

The Ultimate Website/Automation System!

Social Fox

This platform has everything you need to create and automate your online business!!

  • Unlimited Websites

  • Unlimited Funnel/Landing Pages

  • Fully Functional Customer Management (CRM)

    • Track your entire history with each client!

  • Text, email, or message clients on social media

  • Create Unlimited Online Courses

  • Private Password Protected Members Area

  • Create booking calendars for private or public events

  • Built-in Email Marketing

  • Very Active Support Community with People Just Like You Building Online

  • Templates and Customer Support

  • Automate EVERYTHING in your business...

Learn How to Grow Your Oils Business Online

The Influencer's Academy

Mandy Sommers is a doTERRA Blue Diamond who has mastered the art of building her essential oils business online via YouTube.

Using her process she and her team have re-built her business from Silver to Blue Diamond.

Through the Academy you will learn:

  • Secrets to getting your videos found by people looking for oils info on YouTube

  • Details on how to set up your page for optimal success

  • Done-for-you Intro video clip

  • How to funnel leads into your system to help them learn more and enroll

  • How to automate your process so leads come in with ease

  • How to use automation to support new customers and builders

  • Duplicate your success to your team.

Legal Documents & Resources for Online Businesses

The Legal Website Warrior®

Heather Pearce Campbell is an attorney specializing in protecting & supporting online businesses.

She offers a wide variety of done-for-you legal documentation and language:

  • Privacy Policy

  • Speaker Agreements

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Refund Policy

  • and more!

Purchase individually or grab one of her packages.

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