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Elyse Hanselman, Founder 2.0

Chat with a Founder 2.0 - Elyse Hanselman

June 14, 20231 min read

Many of us today are feeling a bit stuck in our oils businesses. But some folks ARE having success. This summer join us for a new series: Chat with a Founder 2.0! This is your chance to hear from doTERRA Founder 2.0 winners on what has been working for them, how they've overcome challenges in their business in the last 2 years and other tips and resources. Watch below!

Elyse shares everything you need to run your own Spa Parties. Grab your copy of her Google Drive Folder!


Hear from new dōTERRA Founder 2.0 about her journey to Founder 2.0!

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Joyce Anne Day

Joyce Day is the creator of Fun Oil Stuff and Diamond Leader with doTERRA.

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