Do You Feel Stuck When It Comes to Getting Systems in Place to Organize Your Business??

Some of us are just not "tech" people. But we know we need some systems in place to support our business.

We buy the courses, the trainings, the platforms...but we never quite get them up and running.

Create Automated Systems that Support You.

Fast and Efficient, Joyce can help you:

  • Get your quizzes up and running

  • Organize your team into a spreadsheet, Streak, LAS, or other platform so you can follow up with your customers and work on your retention.

  • Create landing pages, funnels, webpages, or email systems.

  • Create a customer retention email sequence.

  • And so much more!

Stop Losing Money on Systems and Software You haven't Implemented.

Why Joyce??

There are lots of options for tech support, how can Joyce help?

  • 8+ years of experience in data management, databases, and information management.

  • Diamond Leader with experience organizing her own team into multiple data management systems over the years.

  • Fast, Efficient.

  • Top 5 strengths: Ideation, Learner, Achiever, Restorative, and Developer.

    • I like to do things in a way that allows me to think, create, & learn while doing things in the right way.

  • Strategy and organization are my strong suits and I love helping others brainstorm how to move their business forward in an organized way.

How Does It Work??

  • Book a time that works for you.

  • Fill out our Pre-Meeting Questionnaire so we can be efficient.

  • Rates are $60/hour or $30 for 30 minutes

What Our Community is Saying:

Kelly C., Texas


"Joyce was literally my lifesaver. I was completely overwhelmed by setting up LAS. I am a busy health care professional and was very very short on time. I am so glad I hired Joyce to help me get my LAS site live. She also helped me with a landing page for my first group coaching course.

I love all her marketing expertise and feel like she really helped me communicate with my online audience in a more effective way that was still authentic to me. Hiring Joyce was a blessing in every way."

Shannon M., Nebraska


"Joyce is my easy button. I am so grateful for Joyce, she is an incredible VA. She makes my life so much easier and takes away all of the technical stress so that I can be with the people and living in my passion. She is incredibly efficient and takes away all of the guesswork from the things that I don’t know. She is an incredible listener, she is supportive and has a special way about her to be able to connect with people through conversation and compute their desires into reality. She’s takes my vision, my words and puts them into copy and makes it easy."

Tammy B., Illinois


"I just can't get over what is happening on these calls! You are helping me organize my thoughts and get clarity on where I want to start. This is why I haven't recorded or published anything. It feels so great to finally be moving forward!"

Kelly C., Texas


OMG I’m so glad I have my [GoHighLevel] website right now!

"Ok y’all. Joyce Day and of course our [agency owner] helped me set up just the basics of my website a few months ago. That’s all I could manage in my brain at the time. And honestly I have not used the site AT ALL. It just sits there.

UNTIL TODAY when a client of mine that is a BIG social media and you tube public figure did a shout out to me and recommended my services. She linked my website in her you tube video (that got over 40,000 views in one day)

I am SO glad I had my site set up with a basic survey to book a Discovery Call with me! And that I had a site that was attractive enough that almost 20 people took action! Just today!"